We make arrangements at Mazowiecka 2/4

mazowiecka_officeInterbiuro is in the process of making arrangements of office space with a total area of 1500 m2, localised at three floors of the office and service building at Mazowiecka 2/4.


Division of space – of the open-space type, for offices and office rooms, and separation of conference rooms from the lift lobby area have been designed as a part of investment for New Work Offices, the lessee. The works involve building new partition walls, alteration of dropped ceilings, alteration and regulation of ventilation system, alteration of electrical wiring system. The floor plan is repeatable at the floors included in the scope.


The investment is performed directly for New Work Offices, with the supervision from Savills. Duration – 17 weeks.


The project has been drawn up by KJ Architekt.

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