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Another fit-out in Saski Crescent

saski 140x250 - Another fit-out in Saski Crescent
From the beginning of January 2016 Interbiuro ended finishing works in the new TIM Outsourcing office in an office building Saski Crescent, lasting seven weeks. The new office with the area of 250m2 was created from the connection of two smaller office spaces. The scope of work included the demolition of existing walls and building new GK walls, installation of new mineral ceilings and new glass doors to all offices. It was replaced a fitted carpet and the kitchen has a new furniture. Finishing work included changes in the air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, telecommunication and fire system. The tenant, thanks to the completion of works before the term set up in the contract, could enter tho the office and start working in the new office at the beginning of the new year.