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Modernization of office space

Office lifting is still not enough? We are happy to deal with the comprehensive modernization of your office space.

Most of our company’s activities involve changing the functional layout of the rooms. We perform a thorough revitalization of the space, which includes the replacement of equipment elements – furniture, wardrobes, kitchen furniture and reception desks. We lay out installations anew, making them complementary to the entire usable area. We modernize not only the premises for collective office work, but also private offices, break rooms, corridors, lobbies and company lobbies. We take care of every detail, including decorative elements and potted greenery.

We adapt all activities to the client’s needs. The renovation and furnishing of the office can be carried out on the basis of specific design guidelines, formulated by us or provided by the client.

Change the face of your company together with Interbiure. Give interiors a new quality!

Photos before modernization and after modernization:

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