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Delivery and installation of floor coverings

The Interbiuro company deals with the renovation of offices, including the assembly and replacement of office floor coverings. Fast and efficient performance of our services is possible with the client’s constant cooperation. We use a furniture sliding and lifting system developed by Interface, thanks to which we can replace carpets in tiles in a working office, minimizing disruptions in work.

This innovative system uses leverage ingeniously. During the installation of carpets, special lifts are installed that are able to lift entire workstations, wardrobes, cabinets and other furniture without causing any damage or damage. Thanks to this, employees do not have to remove things from their desks, and the computer equipment can remain on throughout the renovation of the office.

We care about customer satisfaction, which is why we are able to replace carpets also outside the working hours of a given company. The Renovisions service team is able to work overtime. Thanks to our modern equipment and proven methods of operation, the replacement of the carpet throughout the office is very efficient. We provide replacement of worn liners without a minute of downtime.

Here are some examples of Interface carpets:


Transformation is a carpet that brings natural beauty to the interior of buildings. It is a loop product in tiles with a very expressive texture, on a Graphlex® backing. The Transformation carpet is offered in a range of 24 colors. This product is the best choice for the interior and the environment: it contains recycled fiber, is part of the Cool Carpet® program, uses 100% renewable energy, and is designed for a non-directional installation that minimizes assembly waste and maintenance requirements.


Composure is perfect for creating a calm and comfortable platform in a contemporary setting. Natural shades of colors and patterns restore our sense of peace and help us descend to earth. Inspired by natural rock formations, Composure was created for natural and non-directional flexibility that flows easily over large surfaces. Available in 18 neutral colors that can be mixed with both dark and light shades. It naturally strengthens any space giving a mild natural feeling

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