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Fit out - Comprehensive implementation of office space

What is fit out?

The fit-out service consists in the comprehensive creation of office space on a “design-to-effect” basis, in other words, it is a comprehensive preparation of office space for the needs of the end user – tenant. Its scope covers all stages, from the analysis of employees’ needs, on the basis of which an initial concept for the arrangement of the so-called space plan showing the proposed new functional and spatial layout, through the development of a detailed executive design including the selection of finishing materials, to the efficient implementation of the process, including the coordination of many industries particularly important for the functioning of the office and work comfort. After the comprehensive fit out service has been carried out, the client will only have to move to a new, fully equipped office.

Fit out service – what works are performed as part of the fit out

It is a misconception that fit out is limited only to the construction part, i.e. putting up walls, making ceilings and laying carpeting.

Fitout is also the entire installation scope necessary to perform, which will guarantee safety when it comes to fire protection systems such as SSP, DSO or adequate comfort of work if we move within the ventilation and air conditioning installations. These are aspects that are invisible or irrelevant to a layman, but without which the office will not be suitable for use in the meaning of the regulations, or without which the office will not be suitable for use within the meaning of the regulations, or the comfort of work will be low enough that it will affect the efficiency of employees and, ultimately, increased staff fluctuation. which can shake the entire organization these days.

As part of fit out, we perform:

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  • construction project
  • architectural design
  • industry project
  • assembly and construction works
  • installation of sliding walls and partitions
  • installation of suspended ceilings
  • installation of doors and windows
  • Electrical Installations
  • logical network
  • ventilation, air-conditioning and heating installations
  • fire protection installations (SAP, DSO, sprinklers)
  • delivery and installation of lighting
  • delivery and installation of office floor coverings, PVC, parquet and others
  • delivery of furniture fittings
  • meeting other specific customer requirements

What are the advantages of using the fit out service?

Fit out projects are becoming more and more popular on our commercial real estate market for several reasons: the most important is cooperation with one entity from the first days to the acceptance of the finished surface and throughout the warranty period. This shortens the communication path between the client and the general contractor to a minimum, and thus we avoid any distortions and possible interpretation discrepancies, which streamlines and speeds up the implementation process. Another advantage of this formula for the implementation of the project, resulting directly from the previous paragraph is time saving, and in today’s world it is one of the most scarce “goods”. Ordering the entire scope of work to one specialized company allows for the optimization of the schedule, numerous meetings with a construction company, providing ceilings or carpets or with installation companies are not necessary separately. This allows you to save time, such as INTERBIURO, but also money, provided that it is a professional entity. A well-organized company dealing with fit-out implementation has specialists in the field of architecture, installation and experienced Project Managers who all use their experience together. This enables the avoidance or minimization of the effects of inter-branch collisions, allows to predict unpredictable things for office space tenants, which allows to react early and take appropriate steps. By deciding to entrust the implementation of the fit-out to an entity such as Interbiuro, the Investor gains a guarantee that the schedule will be kept and, what is equally important, the agreed budget will remain unchanged. The only situation in which the value of the works may increase are design changes introduced by the Investor. One thing that is certain in project management are changes that occur. Skilful management of them is another argument in favor of choosing the fitout formula for the implementation of office space. Coordination of all works in one place allows for a quick analysis of the feasibility of the proposed modifications to the project, taking into account the impact on all industries, and if necessary, an efficient valuation is made and the impact on the schedule is presented. The impact on the above depends on the moment at which the client orders it and the scope. If these changes are reported at the beginning of the implementation process, it will probably be possible to do so within the originally agreed deadlines. The later in the schedule, the chances of meeting the deadline decrease and the costs increase. Each fitout ends with the acceptance of the works by the client and handing over a fully equipped area for use. This does not mean the end of our role as a fully professional entity. The first weeks of work in a new place, in the new arrangement, encourage employees to reflect whether this change is a change for the better or whether there are aspects that should be changed or refined. During this time, we provide advice and professional support, carry out analyzes and, if necessary, prepare a plan with the client to implement the necessary changes. With such dynamically developing organizations and the approach of companies focused on ensuring the comfort of employees, this situation is more and more frequent. The comprehensive arrangement process up to this point takes an average of 10 to 16 weeks. The duration of fit out is more influenced by the scope and type of finishing materials and installation devices used. The key elements here are glass walls, doors, fan coil units, etc., for which the waiting time sometimes reaches up to 8 weeks. Companies that provide services or deliver goods to demanding customers are often perceived by how the service is provided after the completion of the ordered activities. Professional entities from the fitout industry, and this is undoubtedly Interbiuro for its work and the delivered devices, provides a warranty from 24 to 36 months and additionally such work is covered by a warranty. All notifications are carried out according to established and developed over the years procedures. The customer will not be left to himself even if the reported fault or defect is not under the responsibility of the General Contractor, in such situations we provide advice or an opinion and contacts with our suppliers or subcontractors who will be able to solve the problem. Looking at the fitout market and its continuous growth, we have no doubt that it is the best possible choice when planning the arrangement of office space. The cumulative scope and hence the responsibility for the entirety of the work in one hand of a professional entity takes the burden off the shoulders of the client, whose repairs are usually not the main activity. The service from the initial preparatory phases through the design and implementation and the post-warranty service becomes a good standard, the development directions of which are determined by professional entities such as Interbiuro. In metropolises and large cities, due to the boom in new office space, many companies providing fitout services are being created. If you want to derive clear benefits from a comprehensive interior design and not to expose yourself to problems, you should choose a competent entity for cooperation, which, in parallel with visual aspects and design, pays equal attention to technical aspects or procedures necessary to meet, enshrined in legal regulations.

How was the fit out service born?

The Polish commercial real estate market, especially office space, has been growing steadily for many years. At the end of 2018, the total office stock in Warsaw alone exceeded 5.5 million m2, and more will be completed by 2021

700 thousand m2. The above data has a direct impact on the rapid development of the market of finishing and furnishing services, i.e. fit-out services.

This concept appeared in our reality quite recently, but in itself it is not new. In Western countries, the first concepts of a comprehensive approach to office space appeared in the 18th century with the development of the British Empire, when the first multifunctional organizations began to appear, including the Royal Navy and the East India Company. As early as 1856, the Government of Great Britain stated in a report on the layout of offices that “intellectual work requires separate rooms so that the person working with his head cannot be distracted”. Offices had to adapt quickly and change over the next decades. New technologies began to appear that improved efficiency and communication within companies, such as a typewriter, calculator and telephone, and finally the greatest invention – the desktop computer. The new millennium has also brought a new approach to building and developing internal networks. Social interaction and connecting people between departments became a priority, and spaces that encouraged it became more and more common. As a result, there were fewer office spaces and more places without any functional barriers, the so-called open space.

Common workspaces have started to be implemented in offices to strengthen networks and links between employees and departments, and this flexible and collaborative work environment continues to expand. Investing time and money in your current workplace is about developing your business in the future. According to research, 88% of highly developed companies believe that their latest fit-out had a positive impact on employees, so it can be said that an office fit-out can actually and realistically increase employee productivity and efficiency.

Fit out - Comprehensive implementation of office space
Fit out - Comprehensive implementation of office space
Fit out - Comprehensive implementation of office space
Fit out - Comprehensive implementation of office space
Fit out - Comprehensive implementation of office space
Fit out - Comprehensive implementation of office space

IT KONTRAKT - Proximo II office building

Area 600m2

construction works (walls, glass walls, ceilings, floors)
execution of electrical installations
execution of ventilation, air conditioning and water and sewage installations.
installation of SSP, DSO, BMS systems
development of kitchen furniture and reception area according to individual projects

BAXTER POLSKA – Training Center

Area 570m2

Scope of work
Architectural design
Construction works (plasterboard walls, door joinery, floors, ceilings, furniture, bathrooms)
HVAC installation, water and sewage
Installation of ventilation and air conditioning
Electrical installations: DSO, SSP
Installation of blinds
Furniture and buildings

GESSEL law office

Area 1300 m2

Scope of work:
architectural design
industry projects
construction works (partition walls, suspended ceilings)
SAP, DSO, HVAC installation works
delivery and installation of the Interface floor covering
furniture housing