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We modernize the office of Motorola

HMP1598 Pano copy 250x157 - We modernize the office of MotorolaInterbiuro finished the fit-out works for Motorola Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o. in Taurus office building, in the Empark complex.  The requirement of the tenant was that the modernisation works, which concerned the whole area, had a minimum impact on the office’s work. The only way of solving this issue was phasing of the works and separation of specific areas, which will be rearranged according to the established schedule. During the talks with the customer it was agreed that the  office works will be divided  optimally into 6 stages .

Works were commissioned as the design&build services, thus they covered the cross-industry detailed design, building works and installation works in scope of electrics, sanitary and fire protection systems (SAP, SSP, DSO).

The scope of building works covered wall painting, replacement of carpets, replacement of ceilings, division of rooms, complete rebuilding of the reception area and social room with kitchenette.  Additionally in accordance with the received fire expertise the separating walls between the tenants had to be adjusted to the adequate fire resistance class. Among the new furniture apart from the kitchenette the wooden dividers with cubes were inserted. In order to address the expectations of the employees  the wardrobe made for drying the bikers clothing has been provided and set up.

The interesting elements of the new design are the panels made from the architectural concrete and MDF lamella on the ceiling and wall in the reception area and new glass walls inserted in a few places in the whole area.

The electricity works apart from adjustment and extension of the existing installations for the new needs, contained complete replacement of the lightening in the whole area.

The air conditioning and ventilation systems were rebuilt, for the purpose of meeting the new requirements of the tenant. The works resulting form the fire expertise were also performed there.

All works took 6 months and the last phase and the whole acceptance procedure took place at the time of the pandemic. Thanks to cooperation of all parties either from the Tenant, building or GW side  and  observance of the procedures of safety the whole process was completed safely and with full success.