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We implement a vision of Workplace for Oceanic

OCEANIC Warszawa realizacja INTERBIURO fot Szymon Polanski 6014 250x167 - We implement a vision of Workplace for Oceanic

Marynarska Business Park in Warsaw in Taśmowa Street obtained a new tenant. In building C area of about 440 square meters will be occupied by the well recognized cosmetics company Oceanic S.A.  The general contractor of this investment is Interbiuro design&fit out chosen under demanding and multi-phase tendering procedure from among many companies. This is another project of the Workplace studio, which is implemented by Interbiuro.

Oceanic S.A. is pioneer in it’s domain thanks to the continuous development, research and market and trend tracking. The office will be also of the same nature. The Workplace studio put emphasis on high quality materials such as eco-friendly EGE carpets without bituminous fluid, fully LED-type Trilux lightening, acoustic ceiling solutions ECOPHON with M1 certificate or

Nordic Swan W. Entirely new functional space scheme will be divided with plasterboard and glass walls with increased acoustic parameters. Work comfort of the future tenant will be improved by modernizing air conditioning and ventilation systems, where all new fan coils, ventilators and other finishing elements of air distribution system will be replaced. The whole electricity and IT systems will also be replaced. In scope of the commissioned works Interbiuro will provide woodwork furniture from the reception desk, through two kitchenettes, to the bookshelves for the files or the cosmetics displays. They will visually fulfil the area fully showing the nature of the Oceanic company. The arranged area is full of details refined by the Workplace team which will make this area modern and functional space for the effective work  Interbiuro by using its over 20 years experience and motivated team of specialists is making every effort to complete the project within the deadline in a currently changing situation concerning pandemic, with observance of the appropriate procedures primarily  guaranteeing safety of all the people involved.