KRAFT HEINZ realizacja Interbiuro fot Szymon Polanski-0206
VW Warszawa realizacja INTER BIURO fot Szymon Polanski-6259
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We arranged the Harmony for LUX MED in Rondo1

foto 1024x768 - We arranged the Harmony for LUX MED in Rondo1Interbiuro has completed multi-sector arrangement works commissioned by LUX MED in the RONDO 1 office building.

The work done for LUX MED is another project carried out by Interbiuro in the Rondo ONE office building, commissioned by the tenants of this building.

The selection of Interbiuro as the contractor confirms the high level of competence and experience of the team , prepared to carry out complex fitout works in top-class office buildings, in a way that does not interfere with the normal operation and comfort of other demanding tenants.