Project Management

Project Management



Every Interbiuro project is a new challenge which we undertake individually and with maximum engagement.

All stages of the project are done by our experienced team according to the current standards and with utmost care;


  • preparing  a project plan by a team comprising: the Client, Architect, Project Manager, Logistics Specialist;
  • defining the scope of the project, the requirements for the expected result, human resources, materials, quality of work and client standards;
  • defining the time and cost of the project taking into account the budget and timing of the client;
  • identifying the design, technical and financial risks;
  • management and control over the risk at every stage of the project;

Project Management also includes:

  • design process from the identification of the client’s needs (space plan) to full-scale execution design;
  • assessment of the building permit design and identifying solutions which generate unnecessary costs and supplying alternative solutions;
  • cost estimate of the project on the basis of the space plan;
  • cost estimate of the work on the basis of  the building permit design;
  • detailed quotation on the basis of  the execution design;
  • cost and technical oversight at every stage of the project;
  • participating in preliminary work on site, notifying all the appropriate authorities about building work and obtaining the necessary permits;
  • ongoing verification of the project documentation;
  • coordination of the investment process participants with outside institutions according to the client’s preference;
  • control of the costs and work deadlines;
  • technical oversight and quality control of the work;
  • supervision over the work in terms of  tenant – investor changes;
  • acceptance inspection and guarantee servicing;
  • collecting and verification of the as-built documentation;
  • final settlement of the project.