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Project Management

architekt - Project Management

One of the key competences related to our business is the management of projects for office, commercial or other purposes. We manage all the elements, starting from creating construction project plans, through valuation, supervision over the proper performance of works, to the final settlement of the completed project.

We can offer a wide range of services including:

  • Designing from defining the client’s needs to comprehensive coordination of the implementation of the executive design.
  • Opinion on the construction design and indication of solutions generating unjustified costs along with proposing replacement solutions.
  • Estimated valuation of planned works based on a space plan, construction design or detailed design.
  • Investor’s support in selecting suppliers and contractors.
  • Participation in preparatory works on the construction site, notifying the competent authorities about the dates of construction works, obtaining the necessary declarations and permits.
  • Cost and technical supervision at the stage of construction works.
  • Control of costs and deadlines for work.
  • Technical supervision and quality control of the work performed.
  • Technical acceptance.
  • Receipt and verification of as-built documentation.
  • Final settlement of the project.

Projects implemented by Interbiuro Sp. z o.o. they are each time a new challenge to which the team approaches individually and with maximum commitment.

All stages of the project are carried out by an experienced team in accordance with applicable standards and with the utmost care.


Project Management