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Projekt design & build w ASTORIA

Strabag 250x188 - Projekt design & build w ASTORIAIn March, Interbiuro completed the implementation of another project in the formula design & build in the ASTORIA Premium Offices building in Warsaw at ul. Przeskok 2. This time, at the request of STRABAG Real Estate, we designed and performed arrangement works on almost 4,000m2of office space located on two floors for one tenant. The scope of the project included all industries ranging from architecture through electricity to sanitary works, including smoke extraction to round it out. The area at the time of transfer to us by the Investor was in shell & core condition, so the scope of our fit out work was complex. In the first stage, the raised floor was laid and in the subsequent stages partition walls were made in the drywall system, glass walls with both increased fire resistance and those without a class. On the floor in the office part, high-quality carpet was laid and in six social annexes  PVC flooring. The walls were painted in three shades of gray and in the rest areas we installed photo wallpapers. The elegance of the interior was enhanced by 245 cm high oak doors and acoustic parameters over open space workplaces were improved by the installation of ceiling islands. The entire work period, together with the execution of the multi-branch project, took us 14 weeks.