Interface carpet

Composure 3

Interbiuro distributes the highest quality modular carpet tiles produced by an American company Interface. Their carpets are ecologically friendly as the company supports the idea of sustainability.

All modular products of Interface hold an IBM certificate for protection of electronic equipment against static electricity. They also have certificates of low flammability which makes them suitable for office spaces. All Interface products have a 36-month guarantee.

Carpet installation is fast, maintenance is easy and cheap and additionally carpet tiles provide good acoustic insulation and give an elegant feel to the space


Composure is ideal to create a calm and comfortable flooring in contemporary interiors. Natural colours and patterns make us feel peaceful and grounded. Inspired by the natural rock formations Composure was supposed to give an idea of natural flexibility flowing easily through vast spaces.

Composure is a tufted Patterned Structured Loop Tile made of 100% Solution Dyed Nylon containing recycled content. It is available in 18 neutral colours which can combine dark and light shades to give a soft natural impression