Office furniture and furniture systems

zielony fotel i wazon z kwiatami

We offer furniture sets and systems including armchairs, chairs, leisure furniture etc.

The furniture we deliver have high functional characteristics because of the modular construction, they are made of highest quality and durable materials. They can be used to furnish a variety of space such as open space, home office, a luxurious executive room or public utilities like a lobby or a waiting room. The offered furniture has high aesthetic value and finish precision.


We also produce non-typical furniture tailor-made to the particular space: reception counters, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, wall cladding etc.

białe biurko z czerwonym fotelem
biurka w biurze
kuchnia z białymi meblami
recepcja z żółtym tłem i niebieskimi podświetleniami
biały stół z czarnymi krzesłami
brązowy elegancki stół
pomarańczowy fotel
hol biurowy
sala konferencyjna w biurze
hol nowoczesnego biura
biuro z brązową podłogą
zielony kanapy w biurze
sala konferencyjna z białymi fotelami
biuro recepcja
jasne biuro
projekt jasnego przestronnego biura
jasne biuro