KRAFT HEINZ realizacja Interbiuro fot Szymon Polanski-0206
VW Warszawa realizacja INTER BIURO fot Szymon Polanski-6259
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The refreshed entrance area Herbalife

December 2012. We completed the project to modernize and refresh the reception area for our client Herbalife. Works were carried out during the weekends, as not to interfere with the daily operation of the office.

With a very high discipline and good organization we were able to carry out all the work so as to be imperceptible to the customer throughout the duration of the project. The end result was achieved with mutual satisfaction. With the client cooperating with our architectural department before the realization stage, they developed solutions suitable for the new entrance in a satisfactory result. The new reception desk along with other additional furniture, combined with the work carried out as painting and replacing carpets, very positively changed the entrance to the office giving it a modern character.