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Modernization of the main hall of the Saski Crescents

mgl2654 1 250x167 - Modernization of the main hall of the Saski CrescentsIn May/June 2017, Interbiuro completed the fit-out works of the main hall in the Saski Crescent building in Warsaw at 16 Królewska.
The project included a new reception desk area with a large counter made of Corian and polished MDF (medium-density fibreboard) as well as acoustic panels with hexagonal shape  with aesthetic and acoustic functions.

The customer area was also modernized – an old wooden panel floor was replaced with a new Interface carpet lining. The upholstered elements have appeared on the walls and Italian lamps in the shape of honeycomb, which add to the overall character. In the upper parts, the main lighting was replaced with the LED lightining system and the ceilings were painted in black.

The main spatial element is linear lighting suspended in a way that creates a wave that flows through the entire length of the lobby. The work was conducted mainly on a weekend basis so as not to cause any obstruction in the normal functioning of the office building.