KRAFT HEINZ realizacja Interbiuro fot Szymon Polanski-0206
VW Warszawa realizacja INTER BIURO fot Szymon Polanski-6259
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Modernization of Cliff Shopping

November 2012. Interbiuro on behalf of AEW Europe finished a general interior remodeling of Cliff Shopping Center in Warsaw. The work was based on a conceptual design prepared by the studio Bose International. The main focus was the renovation of the area of 3665m2, which was conducted in the period from August to the end of November.

The biggest challenge in the implementation of the contract was to ensure the continued functioning of the gallery options. The work was carried out only at night and in the morning the renovated spaces were available for customers at the Center. As a result of the work done by Interbiuro, a new face and two passengers received Courty, as well as bathrooms with corridors leading to them. The lists of all the floors, made new ceilings, wall coverings, remodeled and expanded numerous installations, including in particular: ventilation, electricity, sprinkler system, SAP and DSO. It was built with many custom features, mostly individually made for this project. With a unique character of the interior form and in particular, a number of elements made of Solid Surface – Staron. The most important of these is primarily a fountain, a moving sidewalk design, an information counter, benches and spatial design of the Costa Coffee café. The culmination of the project are such elements as pylon signs and information boards. The work in the gallery, made the lifting of the parking garages, which gained new colors and an information system. More photos in the tab – Projects