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Modern and functional spaces  – Interbiuro implements new standards

Interbiuro has completed the construction of approximately 3,900 sq m of space for the tenant at the request of CPI Property Group in the Chałubińskiego 8 office building in Warsaw.

Fit out was aimed at adjusting the space to the new, higher standard of finishing the building and adjusting the entire space to the needs and standard of the tenant.

The newly created office space corresponds to the current standards of finishing, as part of these works, the floor finishes were replaced – now replaced with high-quality carpet and PVC coverings, ceilings – replacement with raster ceilings with energy-saving LED luminaires and solutions for walls, in particular modern muntin-free glass walls.

The areas are equipped with additional solutions for the individual needs of tenants.

In the case of Interbiuro’s implementation, it was a modern audiovisual system and systems related to the control of accessibility and security of space. Modern audio-video solutions have been installed in the tenant’s internal conference center.

The rooms have mobile walls that allow for a change in the layout and are equipped with an extensive system for conducting teleconferences. Solutions enabling work in 3D and in a virtual reality environment were also applied.

Multimedia systems have become an indispensable work tool in the era of the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, and their functionality and modernity increase quality and facilitate work.

The works were commissioned in the design & build formula.

It lasted 16 weeks, and the scope included a multi-disciplinary detailed design, as well as the implementation of the construction and installation scope.

As part of the scope, the Interbiuro company also carried out the adjustment of the lighting and electrical installations as well as the replacement of part of the central heating installation, as well as the adjustment of the air-conditioning and water-sewage installations. The scope of implementation also covered installations ensuring the fire safety of surfaces, including sprinklers, SSP and DSO as well as SUG adapted to the new surface layout.

The owner of the building, the CPI company, also places great emphasis on the ecology of its projects, promotes these ideas and encourages the tenants of their buildings to act in a similar way.

As part of this project, a modern charging station for 14 electric vehicles was built to service the tenant’s internal fleet.

The new office space has become a modern, functional space corresponding to high standards, available to its users, as well as customers visiting the space, including people with disabilities.

At the same time, Interbiuro carried out the modernization of common parts, i.e. lift halls on 6 floors, at the request of CPI, thus adapting them to the new standard.