KRAFT HEINZ realizacja Interbiuro fot Szymon Polanski-0206
VW Warszawa realizacja INTER BIURO fot Szymon Polanski-6259
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Complex works in Sienna Center

At the turn of September and October 2013 Interbiuro will finish the completion of a comprehensive reconstruction of offices for a tenant of Sienna Center in two stages (1881metres).

This is our another successful completed project in Sienna Center. The works acheldule involved a comprehensive rearrangements of offices, including the exchange of all installations in the building. Thanks to the works performed by Interbiuro, the standard of the building increased considerabli and the comfort of tenants’ work is much better now. New electrical, telecommunication installations and SAP installations were assembled, air-conditioning and ventilation units were built in. The performance of existing systems is exellent. The Office space was equipped with two modern reception areas with fixed joinery, 3 offices for key managers, 16 rooms for leaders and emlopyees, 6 conference halls, a lot of working space, 3 kitchenettes, 4 toilets, open-space areas with fixed joinery and 2 server rooms equipped with a raised floor and independent air conditioning. An interesting design solution was the use of large glazed areas wallpaper deversified the office space and made it more attractive. The short  (3-month) period for the implementation of the project was quite a challenge, but it was completed in accordance with the schedule.