Gdansk is a great place to work, as evidenced by the number of new projects on the office market currently implemented in this city.

One of them was the rearrangement of 3200 m2 in the Alchemia office complex, carried out by Interbiuro in the design & build formula for the Finnish chemical company Kemira.

The last 2 years have changed the approach to the organization of the work environment in most of the companies.

Kemira has used this new trend to transform her office.

Interbiuro architects and designers were tasked with creating an interior conducive to hybrid work (working in the office alternately with remote work).

The modernization of the office was to encourage employees to come to the office more often. In the project, Interbiuro showed the TriCity, hence the elements referring to the symbols of the TriCity – the Shipyard, Reagan Park and the Pier in Sopot. When designing the interior, the existing equipment belonging to Kemira was used – selected furniture and some lighting. Local artists – Aleks Skrok and Wakeputime (murals on the walls) were also invited to cooperate. Everything was created in accordance with the budget reported by the Investor. The project and implementation was carried out by Interbiuro in the design & build system.