Interbiuro for Bauer Media

Bauer Media realizacja INTERBIURO fot Szymon Polanski 1056 250x167 - Interbiuro for Bauer MediaInterbiuro design& fit-out designed and realised conference rooms for the Bauer Media Publishing House.
The aim was to refresh these rooms and give them a common character consistent with the company’s philosophy and its image also in other establishments in Europe. Of the various concepts presented, ranging from more avant-garde to those mellow ones, the more raw design in its form was selected. Tons of gray and white with accents in black and anthracite appearing on furniture and lamps dominate in it. To add a warmer note to the whole design, inserts made of wood-like laminate in a bright and warm shade appeared, which were supposed to break the “rawness” of these interiors.

Similar approach, using alike materials, was applied to the previous order regarding the entrance hall, which proved itself in practice and it was part of the investor’s general vision.

One of the guidelines received from the client was striving to preserve the largest number of existing elements characteristic of the entire office space: visible installations, special main lighting illuminating also the ceiling, carpeting and giving a universal tone to all rooms through similar in the expression and shape furnishings and movable furniture as well as colors on the walls.

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