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Fit out at de Gaulle roundabout

f4f7347f9444062a 250x117 - Fit out at de Gaulle roundaboutIn the last week of January, we started the renovation works in the ‘Nowy Świat’ Banking and Financial Center.

The work was to refresh the area of 3rd floor in one of the four wings of the former “Dom Partii” with a total usable area of 1000 square meters in a typical office layout.

The building is listed as a monument and requires maintenance or restoration of the original elements of the building such as wall & ceiling stucco and door carpentry.

The scope of installation works included: replacement of most elements of the ventilation system on the floor and adapting it to higher utility standards, replacement of the electrical system and expansion of existing electrical switchgears, installation of new lighting luminaires, routing of the telecommunication network, and the creation of a completely new SSP installation.

Within the scope of construction and finishing work, we have redesigned the rooms painting all the walls and ceilings. All the white-ware in the bathrooms was replaced; two social rooms with kitchen units were created. New carpet, PVC floor coverings and new mineral ceiling in the corridor were mounted.

The door carpentry was completely replaced by a new door imitating original and vintage style. Glass walls were installed in two conference rooms where the architect skilfully opened the area in the entrance zones and broke the unusual office layout.

Works will completed by the end of March.