Entrance area in UBC II

In mid-January we started working on the surface of the main hall in the building of the University Business Center II at the Szturmowa str. Our contracted works include the change of the decor and the new functional system in the reception area. The project for UBC II was developed by the ALSA Projekt Arkadiusz Łukaszewski. The biggest visible change will be the wall facing. White, over 4 meters high walls are covered with 3 types of materials. Panels, painted in two shades of gray are desiged on the two largest surfaces of the wall, where their precise separation will be highlighted by the light from the wall lamps mounted on them. There willl be veneer and white glass mouned behind the reception desk. The reception desk will be reconfigured and refreshed too.
One of the interesting challenges we had to face was the performance of spatial block varnished in blue sheen, which is the main decorative element of the entire surface.
Simple surface of the suspended ceiling has been converted into two level ceiling with hidden linear lighting giving glow on a decorative wall. Suitable light intensity in passageways are ensured by LEDs, hidden above the ceiling from transparent matt foil, creating the effect of evenly distributed light plane.
The biggest change in the functional layout is the installation of gates with access control.
The implementation oftthis project is full of challenges, not only in respect of the execution of individual elements which are unique, individual works but above all in the respect of the arrangement of the repair works in a way not interferring the tenant`s work. The work will be completed at the end of March.

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