pietro 9 recepcja wersja dodatkowa 770x470 - Interbiuro has designed and is implementing fit out at Alchemia in Gdansk

Interbiuro has designed and is implementing fit out at Alchemia in Gdansk

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Interbiuro won the competition for the “interior design” design of Kemira Business Service Center, Gdansk, Poland in the AURUM building in the ALCHEMIA office complex in Gdansk. The scope of the project covered an area of ​​3000 m2 on 3 floors. In December, a contract for the design & fit out service was signed between the parties, and thus the rearrangement works began. KEMIRA is a Finnish company operating in the chemical industry. The business services center in Gdańsk supports the company’s development in the entire EMEA region (Europe

, Middle East, Africa). As an employer, KEMIRA pays particular attention to the working environment. The project of the INTERBIURO company with a modern arrangement will strengthen the free communication between employees and teams, contribute to the ergonomics of the workplace and introduce a unique atmosphere to the interior inspired by the charms of Gdańsk and the Tri-City.
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6 480x470 - Interbiuro modernize space for Baxter in the Nordic Park

Interbiuro modernize space for Baxter in the Nordic Park


Interbiuro is successively designing and modernizing the existing Baxter office space in the Nordic Park building.

Occupied offices are subject to rearrangement, but also detailed designs of new spaces are developed, which are adapted to the individual needs of the client.

Fit-out works are currently underway on the next floor, where the way of working will be changed.

The cellular / office layout of the office will be changed to an open space work system. The entire ventilation and air conditioning system will be changed and refreshed.

Taking care of the working environment

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, the walls will be covered with acoustic elements that absorb sounds. Acoustic panels will be hung on the ceilings.

Interbiuro provides design and construction services to Baxter Polska Sp. z o.o. continuously since 2016.

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IMG 3624 770x470 - Fit out in the CA IMMO office building

Fit out in the CA IMMO office building


Interbiuro has completed the ALTO space in the Bitwy Warszawskiej Business Center building.Fit out was aimed at enlarging the current office and adjusting the new space to the Tenant’s needs and finishing standard.

The works were commissioned in the design & build formula and the scope included a multi-discipline executive design as well as the implementation of the construction and installation scope.
The scope covered works from dismantling to a new

, fully equipped office, which was an integral with the existing space.

The work consisted in adjusting the layout of the rooms, optical opening of the surface, installing glazing, painting the walls, replacing the door joinery and floors, as well as supplying window pleats and frosting on glass elements.
In order to meet the expectations of employees, a shower was also carried out in the office area.

The new office space idea was to harmonize with the industrial character of the existing space, it had to be modern, innovative and functional.

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JLM 02 View 0 1 B 770x470 - Project in the formula of design & build for JL Maskiner

Project in the formula of design & build for JL Maskiner


In June, INTERBIURO started a new project of office and warehouse space for JL MASKINER.

JL Maskiner in Poland Sp. z o.o. belongs to the JLM group, which is the general representative of DitchWitch® in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Ukraine.

It sells machinery and equipment for companies specializing in the construction of underground infrastructure.The new building will be the company’s headquarters in Poland. The building with a total area of 1,382.5 m2 is located in Stara Iwiczna.

The INTERBIURO company has developed an interior design and prepared detailed designs

, it carries out the construction of the building’s area, as well as the development of the plot on which the building is situated.
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20210707 095410 770x470 - Fitout in  the Żoliborz Plaza

Fitout in the Żoliborz Plaza


Interbiuro has realized the area of ​​bioMérieux SSC Europe Sp. z o.o. in the Żoliborz PLAZA building.

Fit out was aimed at refreshing the office and adjusting it to the tenant’s new needs. The scope of works covered the entire office with an area of ​​approximately 850m2 – the scope included works from the current office through disassembly to a new

, fully equipped and modernized office.

 The work consisted in adjusting the layout of the rooms, optical opening of the surface by introducing glazing, painting the walls, replacing the door joinery and floors, as well as supplying window blinds.

New bathrooms were also made: women’s, men’s and disabled bathrooms. In addition to providing standard bathroom fittings, elements facilitating the use of people with various degrees of disability were also taken into account, and the lighting was replaced with LED lighting.

The social part of the office was enlarged, to which Interbiuro supplied custom-made furniture and LVT floor.

The new office space is to harmonize with the company’s business profile, it is to be modern, innovative and functional.

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190467365 376543117106342 156145210235349038 n 770x470 - Shell & core implementation for Blik

Shell & core implementation for Blik


Interbiuro, commissioned by one of the largest developers of office buildings by White Star Real Estate has been developed by the X20 building, fit out works for the BLIK tenant.

Scope of the construction covered an area of about 440 m2. Design assumed comprehensive execution of works from the shell & core state for a fully equipped office.

The layout of the rooms is mixed with two open spaces, several offices and rooms of various sizesconference rooms. The BLIK company took care during the works

design, a large kitchen with a social area, zone reception desk with a green wall as well as many interesting details such as resin on the floor with embedded wallpaper or mobile booths

telephone calls. This space fully corresponds to the character of BLIK as modern

, functional and use intuitive.
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20210211 162034 770x470 - Interbiuro is carrying out the arrangement of the official Residence of the Ambassador of Indonesia

Interbiuro is carrying out the arrangement of the official Residence of the Ambassador of Indonesia


Interbiuro has completed multi-sector arrangement works in the premium standard, concerning the official Residence of the Indonesian Ambassador in Poland.


This unusual project consisted in the modernization of a five-storey villa in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, which is in a shell and adapting it to the investor’s needs, in accordance with the design of the BEPLAN Design + Build studio, while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship.

The wide scope of the study concerned not only multi-sector works carried out inside the building, often requiring interference with its structure, in close cooperation with the architect, constructor and individual designers, but also new external fences, modernization of the facade, terraces and sidewalks.

The effect of many months of work was received very positively by the Investor, and the resulting House of the Ambassador

, which is a worthy representation of Indonesia, is a satisfying final.

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foto 770x470 - We arranged the Harmony for LUX MED in Rondo1

We arranged the Harmony for LUX MED in Rondo1


foto 1024x768 - We arranged the Harmony for LUX MED in Rondo1Interbiuro has completed multi-sector arrangement works commissioned by LUX MED in the RONDO 1 office building.

The work done for LUX MED is another project carried out by Interbiuro in the Rondo ONE office building, commissioned by the tenants of this building.

The selection of Interbiuro as the contractor confirms the high level of competence and experience of the team

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, prepared to carry out complex fitout works in top-class office buildings, in a way that does not interfere with the normal operation and comfort of other demanding tenants.

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Central Tower 1 600x470 - Interbiuro designes and produces office in Central Tower

Interbiuro designes and produces office in Central Tower


Central Tower 1 683x1024 - Interbiuro designes and produces office in Central TowerIn mid-April, Interbiuro Sp. z o.o. was selected as the General Contractor of office space for the main tenant in the Central Tower building. The owner of the office building and the investor of this fitout is CPI Property Group. The arranged area covers 6 floors, which is almost 4,000 m2 and is to be implemented in the design & build formula.

The new functional layout will be designed by separating rooms and zones with drywall walls as well as glazing. The new raised floor, ARMSTRONG modular and island ceilings will improve the acoustic comfort, and the new CT and WL pipelines as well as the replacement of all fan coil units will ensure the right temperature. Meeting rooms, server rooms and looms will be equipped with a separate freon VRF cooling system. The lighting of the new office will also be designed and made from scratch to ensure maximum comfort and safety at workplaces. Mistic Lighting LED lighting fixtures will be used

, guaranteeing high technical and visual parameters.

On each of the floors, employees will also have access to social areas, i.e. a large kitchen with designer fixtures as well as wallpapers and coffeins that give character.

Additional carpentry furniture, such as built-in wardrobes, will appear in many places on the surface.

The design works are coordinated by the Interbiuro architecture department on an ongoing basis with the implementation department.

This inter-departmental cooperation and exchange of experiences at this stage will allow for safer implementation of the construction process, for which the 17-week schedule has been planned.

The procedures implemented in Interbiuro as well as high qualifications and commitment of the entire staff guarantee the timely completion of the tasks entrusted by CPI Property Group.

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HMP1598 Pano copy 770x470 - We modernize the office of Motorola

We modernize the office of Motorola


HMP1598 Pano copy 250x157 - We modernize the office of MotorolaInterbiuro finished the fit-out works for Motorola Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o. in Taurus office building, in the Empark complex.  The requirement of the tenant was that the modernisation works, which concerned the whole area, had a minimum impact on the office’s work. The only way of solving this issue was phasing of the works and separation of specific areas, which will be rearranged according to the established schedule. During the talks with the customer it was agreed that the  office works will be divided  optimally into 6 stages .

Works were commissioned as the design&build services

, thus they covered the cross-industry detailed design, building works and installation works in scope of electrics, sanitary and fire protection systems (SAP, SSP, DSO).

The scope of building works covered wall painting, replacement of carpets, replacement of ceilings, division of rooms, complete rebuilding of the reception area and social room with kitchenette.  Additionally in accordance with the received fire expertise the separating walls between the tenants had to be adjusted to the adequate fire resistance class. Among the new furniture apart from the kitchenette the wooden dividers with cubes were inserted. In order to address the expectations of the employees  the wardrobe made for drying the bikers clothing has been provided and set up.

The interesting elements of the new design are the panels made from the architectural concrete and MDF lamella on the ceiling and wall in the reception area and new glass walls inserted in a few places in the whole area.

The electricity works apart from adjustment and extension of the existing installations for the new needs, contained complete replacement of the lightening in the whole area.

The air conditioning and ventilation systems were rebuilt, for the purpose of meeting the new requirements of the tenant. The works resulting form the fire expertise were also performed there.

All works took 6 months and the last phase and the whole acceptance procedure took place at the time of the pandemic. Thanks to cooperation of all parties either from the Tenant, building or GW side  and  observance of the procedures of safety the whole process was completed safely and with full success.

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OCEANIC Warszawa realizacja INTERBIURO fot Szymon Polanski 6014 770x470 - We implement a vision of Workplace for Oceanic

We implement a vision of Workplace for Oceanic


OCEANIC Warszawa realizacja INTERBIURO fot Szymon Polanski 6014 250x167 - We implement a vision of Workplace for Oceanic

Marynarska Business Park in Warsaw in Taśmowa Street obtained a new tenant. In building C area of about 440 square meters will be occupied by the well recognized cosmetics company Oceanic S.A.  The general contractor of this investment is Interbiuro design&fit out chosen under demanding and multi-phase tendering procedure from among many companies. This is another project of the Workplace studio, which is implemented by Interbiuro.

Oceanic S.A. is pioneer in it’s domain thanks to the continuous development, research and market and trend tracking. The office will be also of the same nature. The Workplace studio put emphasis on high quality materials such as eco-friendly EGE carpets without bituminous fluid, fully LED-type Trilux lightening, acoustic ceiling solutions ECOPHON with M1 certificate or

Nordic Swan W. Entirely new functional space scheme will be divided with plasterboard and glass walls with increased acoustic parameters. Work comfort of the future tenant will be improved by modernizing air conditioning and ventilation systems, where all new fan coils, ventilators and other finishing elements of air distribution system will be replaced. The whole electricity and IT systems will also be replaced. In scope of the commissioned works Interbiuro will provide woodwork furniture from the reception desk, through two kitchenettes

, to the bookshelves for the files or the cosmetics displays. They will visually fulfil the area fully showing the nature of the Oceanic company. The arranged area is full of details refined by the Workplace team which will make this area modern and functional space for the effective work  Interbiuro by using its over 20 years experience and motivated team of specialists is making every effort to complete the project within the deadline in a currently changing situation concerning pandemic, with observance of the appropriate procedures primarily  guaranteeing safety of all the people involved.

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KRAFT HEINZ realizacja Interbiuro fot Szymon Polanski 0351 770x470 - Balanced Office for Kraft Heinz

Balanced Office for Kraft Heinz


KRAFT HEINZ realizacja Interbiuro fot Szymon Polanski 0351 1 250x167 - Balanced Office for Kraft Heinz

At the beginning of the year the Interbiuro team started fit out works for Kraft Heinz tenant in the Empark complex. The Workplace team  is taking responsibility for the project. The scope of the project covered an area of 635 square meters. New functional scheme of the office was created as a reply to changing structure of the company and modern way of its management and needs of the employees disclosed during the analysis and research. Implementing a big amount of the glass walls will visually open the office with while keeping the adequate acoustic parameters. Conference rooms with mobile walls can be joined as a need arises

, which will create area for meetings with bigger amount of people. The kitchen will be separated from the leisure part with mobile glass wall which leaves a great flexibility in usage. The used finishes apart from high aesthetic value are characterized by very good technical parameters, mainly acoustic. As an example the felt ceilings by HunterDouglas or Jasper wall linings can be indicated. The effect is fulfilled by unique carpets manufactured by EGE.

The whole work is performed in two phases with fully operating office. Works coordination and good communication between all parties of the process will guarantee the success of this incredibly interesting project.

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