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Blue Tower Plaza changes a standard

blue tower1 250x250 - Blue Tower Plaza changes a standardWe are in the process of renovating the office space of 520 square meters combined with the renewal of the lift hall that belongs to the owner of the building. The idea of the project concept that was designed by Interbuiro architects was to prepare the office space that is used by the building owner and adapt as a show room for potential office tenants.

Showroom visitors can see an example of concept design and finished project that is realized in two different price ranges, silver and premium gold. The example space shows two different finishes of an office open space, conference room and social sanitary facilities. The potential tenant can see and experience the differences in quality of equipment, lighting, carpeting and ceiling systems. This project is the follow up of the works we were doing last year, when modernization of entrance area took place.

Refreshment and modernization of the space aims to upgrade the building standard that was lastly updated 15 years ago. The deadline for works completion is beginning of May.