Arrangements in Alto Wilanów

altoAt the end of August we completed the arrangement works on two surfaces in the Alto building in the Wilanow district. Both projects were started on one of the last remaining raw areas in the building, which was fully leased. The Cultural Center with a total usable area of 520m2 and a library arranged at 430m2 are located on the 1st floor of the building where on the ground floor, service and commercial areas are present.

The Architecture Department of Interbiuro was responsible for designing works. The arrangement works consisted of building the raised floor, the gypsum plasterboards walls with increased acoustic parameters due to the character of the use of rooms in which the Cultural Center will organize various types of dance and music events as well as shows and movies projections. Ceilings in the above rooms were made of sound absorbing panels, while with regard to woodwork, doors with high acoustic parameters i.e. 37dB were assembled. The floors were covered with PVC and in the large dance hall with parquet floor. Both premises were equipped with counters and furniture, as well as electrically controlled curtains from the Cultural Center.

The installation range consisted of the realization of ventilation and air conditioning system, water and sewerage systems, distribution of electrical and teletechnical systems as well as changes in the sprinkler system. All work was finished in 10 weeks.
Interbiuro designed and completed the entire office space of over 3000 m2, including the main reception of the building for the office area.


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