Architectural design in Central Tower

CPI 72dpi 2 250x167 - Architectural design in Central TowerInterbiuro designed the headquarters of CPI Property Group in the Central Tower building. The first stage of work consisted of creating a space plan that would meet the needs of the Investor at the time, but also took into account the possibility of further development along with the increase in employment and new challenges awaiting the company in the future.    The most important element was to maintain color consistency, based on navy blue with various shades, as a company color and a few degrees of gray, white and black. This was evident, for example, in the applied flooring, furniture, ironwork and other elements of interior design, i.e. acoustic panels. This combination prevailed in open space office rooms and offices.

On the other hand, spaces that of  telephone booths, a conference room, which can ultimately act as a chill – out room, were planned from the very beginning to be distinguished  by adding colors such as red, green and yellow, on the basis of accents appearing in selected office areas. Through this procedure, the dominant color of navy blue and gray was broken, but thanks to maintaining the right proportions, the chaos factor was not introduced into the space as a whole but it was enriched.

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