KRAFT HEINZ realizacja Interbiuro fot Szymon Polanski-0206
VW Warszawa realizacja INTER BIURO fot Szymon Polanski-6259
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Design and renovation of the architectural firm Broadway Malyan

May 2012. It took exactly one month of sustained work on the arrangement and renovation of the WCC office space with an area of 212m2 for the architectural firm Broadway Malyan in their office building.

The scope of work included the installation of partition walls, glass, drywall instalation, door instalation, upgrading the electrical system, lighting, logical, ventilation and air conditioning sprinkler systems, SAP and DSO, supply and installation of the carpet. A major challenge for our company was simultaneously carrying out the work off all tasks on a relatively small area, at the same time of having to move the company’s offices, to a new location, in a very short period of time. The work began on 3/23/2012 and ended on 4/22/2012.  More pictures in “Realisations” folder.