Arrangement and Design for MEDICOVER in Mokotów Nova

Interbiuro has finished development works for the Medicover company, which consisted in changing the design of the entrance zone as well as in adaptation of a part of the floor area of the tenement house, for creation of a drugstore in the Mokotów Nova office building.
Works within the clinic area included allocating two new reception zones, some of the doctor’s surgeries have also been changed and renewed. The scope of those works covered replacement of the PVC flooring, mineral ceilings, putting wallpapers and adaptation of electrical and sanitary installations.
The drugstore has been located right next to the newly designed entrance zone with glazing around the sales and display area. The air conditioning and high voltage electrical installations also required adaptation for the needs of the newly established drugstore. Milled rock tiles have been used on the floor, and the walls in back rooms have been covered with tiles. A new mineral ceiling has also been built in, in combination with the plasterboard suspended ceiling in the sales area, where a very interesting lighting system has been used.
In spite of numerous demanding elements of a new design, the project has been completed with success.

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