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Comprehensive works for Ikea

realizacje - Comprehensive works for Ikea

IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Ltd. is changing the address of the headquarters. The new office space is located in the METRO GROUP building at 61 Aleja Krakowska in Warsaw. Interbiuro was responsible for the arrangement of the new space. Renovation works began in mid-August. The total area of the project located on one floor, is approximately 5500 m2. The scope of works includes changing the functional arrangement, which was started from the construction of partition walls in the drywall system. The implemented solution allows to create new office space, meeting place, conference rooms as well as social and sanitary area. In addition, the AMF and Heradesign suspended ceilings will be installed on the area of 80%. In the remaining area there will be preserved the existing reinforced concrete ceiling. Electrical and ventilation installations will remain largely unchanged, whereas tele-technical and air-conditioning installations will be performed from the beginning to pursuant to the agreed projects. The planned completion date is the end of October.